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We handle sprinkler head repair & installation in Miramar, Florida

Tips From Our Miramar Irrigation Contractors

Hard Water and Rust

sprinkler system aray running at retirement communityRust stains are caused by Miramar's famously hard water. Hard water can kill plants, and lead to annoying rust stains. To avoid rust stains, you will need to treat the hard water. This is done through water treatment solutions and proper filtration. This double whammy will keep the rust at bay. Once you have dealt with the hard water, you may want to have one of our Miramar irrigation contractors professional calibrate your sprinkler head coverage away from the house and evenly back on the lawn. You will waste less water, and get a more even lawn.


Groundwater issues and standing water can be caused by undetected leaks, overuse of water, and inadequate drainage. Standing water can be a host to mosquitos and other nuisances. If you have a problem with insects or standing water, our Miramar sprinkler repair staff are on the case to fix the problem.


Heat causes water to evaporate before plants are able to use the resource. By reducing the heat of your soil, you will allow more water to be retained by the roots. You can start lowering the heat of your soil by adding mulch, shade, and groundcover. Your lawn will thank you.

Power Surges

Electrical surges caused by lightning strikes are a real possibility, and they can fry sensitive electronics. These electronics include sprinkler controllers and equipment. Remember to hook these components up to a surge protector, just like you would a computer. This cheap item will really help protect your system.

Having Problems?

Whatever your issue, we have dedicated sprinkler repair staff on call, including emergency response for those sticky situations. Our goal is to get you back to normal as soon as possible, with a repair that lasts.

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